“Earthquake fixed my hearing it’s a miracle!”

"Earthquake fixed my hearing it's a miracle!"

While Washington, D.C. reeled from a 5.8 earthquake, Robert Valderzak, 75, reveled in a miracle. He got his hearing back.

Valderzak had lost his hearing after falling on Father’s Day, according to My Fox DC, and had been recovering at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Northwest D.C. While seated in his hospital bed on Aug. 23, surrounded by his kids, the family felt the rumblings and then heard Valderzak speak for the first time in months.

“I said, you know, my hearing is back,” Valderzak told his family. “I can hear everything,”

One of his doctors told ABC News how the earthquake likely helped cure Valderzak’s hearing loss.

“He had conductive hearing loss, caused by fluid in his middle ear, as well as loss due to nerve damage,” said Dr. Ross Fletcher, chief of staff at the VA Hospital. “A combination of a drug he was taking and the earthquake event itself likely led to him losing the fluid and gaining back his hearing.”

The Daily What offered Valderzak’s theory on why his hearing was restored.

“To me, it was a miracle, a blessing from God up above,” Valderzak said. “Couldn’t ask for a better day.”

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