Please turn the volume on your iPod down!

New Soundlens invisible hearing aid

Guys and dolls, if you can (still) hear me, please turn the volume on your iPod down to a safe level before you lose your hearing earlier than your grandparents.

There is now a convincing body of medical evidence that this little gadget that brings fabulous music to almost all our senses thru earbuds can damage hearing.

The most common victims who are harmed are teenagers, as can be expected, because they are the ones who use most of the iPods in the world.

While listening to music through earbuds for an hour and a half at 80 percent of the volume each day may be tolerated long term, softer volume is safer. If
lowered to 70 percent, the safe listening range could be extended to four and a half hours per day.

When listening at full volume (115 decibels), the safe range is reduced to just five minutes a day! Apple has now considered lowering the maximum volume to 100 decibels, roughly the volume of a pneumatic drill.

If you have any questions about hearing aids contact Hidden Hearing

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