Does what I eat affect my psoriasis?

A series of articles by various writers on medical topics this one is by Edel Rooney.

I have recently become to suffer a lot from psoriasis. Do you think a change of diet might help my condition?

Psoriasis is a chronic, but not contagious, autoimmune disease that appears like a rash on the skin. It occurs when the immune system causes the growth cycle of skin cells to speed up. The disease is believed to have a genetic component but can also be caused by stress, environmental factors or an injury to the skin.

Psoriasis sufferers can experience significant physical discomfort including sometimes severe itching and pain.

However, psoriasis is not believed to be diet-related and you should continue with a healthy, balanced diet. Food allergy tests have not proven to be useful in finding a solution for the disease.

However, there is a link between excessive alcohol consumption and severity of psoriasis. You should moderate your alcohol intake to within recognised guidelines of 14 units a week for adult females and 21 units a week for adult males.
Smoking, too, can aggravate palmoplantar pustular psoriasis so you should consider quitting if you do smoke.

Avoid picking at your lesions and avoid excessive exposure to the sun and see your GP or dermatologist for a recommended treatment program.

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