A few tips to help combat hearing loss

Listening to music players to loud can cause hearing damage

It is an “invisible injury” but no less painful. Besides the loss of one of our five senses, hearing loss also implies serious difficulties for us to interact and understand others.

This condition in our listening skills increases with age and can become irreversible. But with the noise pollution today, young people are at high risk: high music to expose their ears is one reason why your hearing is increasingly damaged.

To protect the health of your ears, heed the following advice.

Avoid loud noises. Whenever you can, tries to get away from them. Close your car windows when driving, do not stand next to the speakers at a concert or in clubs and out for lunch in those restaurants where you can converse without raising your voice.

Limit your exposure. If it is unavoidable to be around loud noises, try to limit the amount of time your ears are exposed to them. The higher the decibels of sound, the less time we should be exposed to it so that our hearing is not damaged.

To give you an idea: a normal conversation is 55 to 65 decibels, the noise of traffic from 70 to 85, live music clubs and restaurants from 90 to 110 and an ambulance siren 120.

Protect yourself. From noise above 85 decibels, it is recommended that the ears are protected. We are talking, for example, when you are exposed to constant noise of a lawnmower, use of drills and power tools.

Control the volume when listening to music or watching television. Blaring headphones are harmful to our hearing just as much as the stereo or TV at high volumes. In these cases, the ideal is to choose the volume level that it was maintaining a normal conversation (without raising his voice) with someone three feet away.

Rest your ears. Just as a wound needs to heal, our ears need a break if they have been exposed to loud sounds. Therefore, the next day at a rock concert, do not expose yourself where you know there will be much noise. If your routine involves constant exposure to high volumes, seeks to take a few minutes of silence.

See a doctor and get checkups. It is important to keep your hearing under the supervision of experts. If you notice that you no longer hear as before, consult your doctor.

If you have any questions about learing loss contact Hidden Hearing

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