Are ailing elderly people such a threat to Airline Security?

This article from the Calgary Herald makes a very good point. Ailing senior presented no threat to airline security.

By Hilary Argento, Calgary Herald

Wednesday morning, I took my parents to the airport. I watched them go through security so I could wave goodbye.

My dad will be 81 next week, has hearing aids in both ears, braces on both ankles and walks with a cane. I watched with growing anger as security made him walk through the scanner without his cane and then made him stand with his arms out as they wanded him and patted him down for three minutes.

Airport security should be more aware of elderly people

He has trouble with his balance since the nerves in his feet have deteriorated and he cannot stand upright unassisted. He has had a knee replacement which sets off the scanner, but I am not sure how much of a threat my elderly dad would constitute on a plane. The most damage he could cause is if he lost his balance and fell on a flight attendant.

It is time that common sense was brought into our security measures. No one is safer on a plane because some seniors have been thoroughly searched and made to stumble through the scanner without their canes.

The time and effort it took the security person to search my dad could have been used to better effect elsewhere.

Hilary Argento, Calgary

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