Connecting hearing aids with iPhone and other devices using Bluetooth

Bluetooth allows you connect with devices for an enhanced listening experience

Q: I have sourced hearing aids that have Bluetooth letting me use my iPhone wirelessly. The hearing aids allow me to listen, and a device around my neck has the microphone. Would it also be possible to listen to music on the iPhone through the hearing aids? 

A: You don’t need anything extra. The device  will transmit any sound coming from the phone to your hearing aids. If you plan to listen to music, make sure the hearing aids can receive in stereo. By the way, it also should be possible to listen to television through the hearing aids. For that, you’ll need a Bluetooth adapter for your TV.

Q: What Good is Bluetooth for Hearing Aids?
A: Bluetooth can be used to allow a wearer’s hearing aids to communicate with hands-free devices, like music players and cellphones. It can also be used to allow two hearing aids to communicate to one another, which enhances a user’s hearing experience.

Bluetooth hearing aids often come with an additional device, specific to each manufacturer. The cost of this device could be bundled into the price of the aids or could come at an additional cost.

If you have any questions about Bluetooth and hearing aids contact Hidden Hearing

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