What are you getting Dad or Grandad for Fathers Day ?

He turns up the volume on the television so high that the rest of us cannot bear to stay in the same room.

Dad, can you pass the corn?”



“I hear fine…I don’t have any problems!”

“Mom, can you please pass the earplugs, I need to protect my hearing from the TV!”

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? About a year ago, a daughter and her 89-year-old father relayed this conversation to me. Being 89, this particular father was rather fixed in his ways. It turns out that he finally allowed me to test his hearing and explain to him–bluntly — what amplification could do for him and how easy it would be to hear his family again, even though he was 89 years old. No one likes to be told they cannot hear, but there is so much that can be done to remedy hearing loss that it is even more obvious when dads are “faking it” or “covering up” their rather obvious hearing handicap.

50+ fathers have seen it all and know it all. The problem is that they don’t always anticipate that better hearing can be so easy. When you are a father, conventional wisdom indicates that everything is difficult, costs twice as much and takes twice as long to achieve. The good news is hearing aids are easier than that. Payment plans exist. Hearing aids are fast to set up. Technology makes volume, background noise and overall comfort automatically better.

My patient purchased appropriate hearing aids for his loss. The gentleman has reluctantly agreed (in private) that the hearing aids have been easy and tremendously helpful, He comes in every six months for cleaning and adjustments as needed. The family thanks me every time they bring him because they can save their voices and he can participate in conversations with minimal repeating. Hearing aids provide measurable benefit for the hearing impaired and for the family.

There are a lot of new products to help your dad remain safe and improve communication. Cap Tel Phones: allows fathers to read what your family is saying in real time. There are no buttons to push or special phone numbers to memorize. This is a special phone but very easy to use. Fire Alarms: Many fathers cannot hear the high frequency (high pitched) sounds of standard fire alarm systems. These fire alarms keep your dad safe by playing a lower pitched sound. Smaller, more powerful hearing aids with better control in background noise. You will be impressed how well you do.

Fathers…I challenge you to view your family’s “nagging” for what it is…the love and concern your family has for your well-being so they can enjoy you as long as possible and as healthy as possible.

Happy Father’s Day!

Source 50+ Lifestyle: By Dr. Molly Parker

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