Dublin pubs pose risk of hearing-loss issues

New research has found that the average noise level in Dublin’s city centre pubs is 91.8 decibels (dB), well in excess of the recommended safe level of 85dB.


Phil Cornwell, Audiologist with Hidden Hearing, has warned there is a real cause for concern, as exposure to noise levels above 85dB can lead to irreversible hearing-loss problems.

The research was carried out in 20 pubs on May 6, between 10pm and 11.30pm on a Friday night. Recording the average noise level in each pub using a decibel reading device, the researchers showed that the noise level in all 20 establishments sampled exceeded the recommended safe level.

Over half of the pubs (12) were found to have a noise level in excess of 90dB, with the pubs and bars of Temple Bar the loudest in the city centre.

One Temple Bar pub had an average noise level reading of 99.6dB.

“Exposure to loud noise in excess of 85dB for over 60 minutes at a time can lead to irreparable damage to your hearing,” Cornwell said.

If you have any questions about hearing loss contact Hidden Hearing

Source: Irish Medical News by Aoife Connors

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