New book helps those with hearing loss

Amy was a hearing person, working as a broadcast technician at a television station when deafness struck her. Learning her diagnosis was a progressive hearing loss and not being able to work as a broadcast technician anymore, she went back to school for a new career. Where she became a technology teacher (employed in the Rochester City School District) and learned American Sign Language. She also became a hearing aid wearer. Amy has lived through the hell of losing her hearing. She fully understands the frustration and anxiety that it causes both the sufferer and their family members. Amy suffered through all the angst and self doubt that rises from hearing loss. Having survived all the adversity and finding herself on the other side, filled with peace, joy and lightness, she wanted to share what she has learned to spare those new to the life of hearing loss. So, she wrote the book “A Survival Guide for New Deafies” “A Survival Guide for New Deafies” is a must read for anyone affected by hearing loss, whether it’s a hearing family member, a deaf family member or you, yourself suffering from the loss. This book is like a comfy blanket making you feel safe in the new deafie world. The survival guide is filled with practical often not thought of advice that is simple to implement into your life. The top ten rules for new deafies have a major immediate impact on your quality of life when you use them. The book also offers Do’s & Don’ts for family and friends, The Pro’s of being a Deafie, De-mystifying Audiograms, and a unique story about living with deafness. Coinciding with her book being published she is starting up a grass roots campaign to help eliminate the stigma attached to wearing hearing aids and cochlear implants. The Campaign Slogan is “Flaunt Your Bits & Pieces”


If you have any questions about hearing loss contact Hidden Hearing

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