What Happens at a Hearing Test?

When visiting the audiologist or hearing instrument specialist for your first hearing test, you may be a little unsure of what to expect.  Below is a detailed description of the standard hearing test and what exactly you can expect before you arrive at the office.

Medical History

Your audiologist will begin your hearing test by asking for a brief medical history to determine any medical factors that may contribute to your possible hearing loss.  Additionally, your doctor will want to know if you’ve been exposed to any loud noises either through occupational or lifestyle choices.  These factors are useful for determining what type of hearing loss from which you may be suffering.

Physical Exam

The audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will continue the exam by using a cone-shaped tool with a flashlight known as an otoscope to look inside your ear.  The otoscope will allow the specialist to see whether there is anything abnormal in the ear canal.

Pure-Tone Audiometry

One of the most basic hearing tests is called pure-tone audiometry.  During this procedure, your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will place earphones in your ears.  Then you will be asked to respond whenever you hear a tone.  The tones will come at varying pitches and varying volume levels.  The pure tone hearing test is a useful tool for narrowing down the type and degree of hearing loss and allows us to help you choose the properhearing aid for your hearing loss.

Additional Tests

If a problem has been detected, your specialist may wish to perform additional tests to determine whether it is conductive or sensorineural hearing loss.  Conductive hearing loss, which is caused by damage to the mechanical portion of the ear, can often be reversed with medical treatment, while sensorineural hearing loss, which is caused by damage to the tiny hair-like cell structures of the ear’s organ, is permanent.  Therefore, it is important to find the location of the damage in order to adequately fix the hearing loss.

If you believe you may suffer from hearing loss, please schedule an appointment with Hidden Hearing. Our thorough hearing test will effectively pinpoint the problem and allow our specialists to find the hearing aid most suitable to your needs.  Don’t struggle for another moment with sub par hearing, we can help!

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