The loudest cat in the world!

Smokey the loudest cat in the world!

A MOGGY with a purr as loud as a lawnmower has been officially named as the loudest cat in the world today.

Smokey, 12, has gained a place in the Guinness World Record Book for her purr of 67.7 decibels.

Most domestic cats purr at around 25 decibels.

But pet Smokey has been known to purr as loudly as 90 decibels at home — which is as loud as a lawnmower or a hairdryer.

Owner Ruth Adams, from Northampton, said: “It all originally started as a purring competition in our home town of Northampton to support the cats protection charity.

“I can’t believe Smokey now has a Guinness World Records title.”

Ruth has previously said Smokey’s deafening purrs make it impossible for her family to hear the television or radio and they struggle to have telephone conversations.

She said: “She has always been very vocal and purrs at some level nearly all the time.

“She even manages to purr while she eats. The only time she is quiet is when she is asleep.

“When I’m on the phone friends often ask what the loud noise is and they can’t believe it is coming from a cat.”

One comment on “The loudest cat in the world!

  1. M. Reid says:

    I am a pensioner & my hearing has deteriorated a lot over the past year. One gets embarassed asking people to speak up. I live in Clane Co. Kildare

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