The importance of wearing day to day hearing protection

For a lot of day to day work hearing protection should be worn

Six in 10 Australians risk hearing damage because they don’t wear ear protection while mowing the lawn, a new survey shows.

The survey of 2500 people by independent consumer ratings agency Canstar Blue showed 58 per cent of those surveyed choose not to wear ear plugs or ear muffs when using their lawn mower.

The Baby Boomer generation are most likely to risk noise-induced hearing loss, with 60 per cent not wearing hearing protection, compared to 59 per cent of Generation X and 48 per cent of Generation Y respondents.

“This is particularly concerning given the Baby Boomer generation are more vulnerable to hearing damage because of their age,” said Steve Mickenbecker, head of research at parent company Canstar Cannex.

“These findings are particularly concerning as permanent hearing damage can occur after only one hour of unprotected exposure to noise this loud.”

Endeavour College of Natural Health director of education Dr Nicholas Vardaxis said this type of neglect can result in permanent hearing loss.

“This type of damage is entirely preventable and there is no excuse,” Dr Vardaxis said on Wednesday.

“Australians need to be more vigilant and make sure they are using ear plugs or ear muffs each and every time they mow the lawn.

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