Findings from the Independent B and A Research Survey 

stephen, dolores and daniel

Hidden Hearing's MD Stephen Leddy, Mkt Manager Dolores Madden with Daniel O'Donnel at the launch of the key findings from the recent B&A Independent research report. Online hearing tests are available at

Hidden Hearing for HAW has conducted Ireland’s first research into the impact of hearing loss, which has explored the psychological impact of hearing loss on individuals, and also the impact on their families / friends. Key Research conducted with 750 hearing loss sufferers and their families / friends:

  • Half of respondents (49%) said that encouragement from family and friends influenced them to seek treatment for their hearing loss.
  • 57% of hearing loss sufferers said the volume of the television was one of the initial indicators of their hearing loss.
  • More than half (52%) said they pretended to hear what people were saying.
  • Four in ten (40%) said the fact that they had difficulty hearing the TV and radio was the key influence in them seeking treatment.
  • Half of those surveyed (51%) said that their hearing loss made them less comfortable in groups and one in five (20%) said they avoided talking on the phone.
  • 37% of respondents said they felt frustrated when they realized they had a problem with their hearing, one in three (33%) of respondents said that they felt embarrassed, one in five (19%) said they felt old and one in five (19%) said they felt isolated.
  • 70% of respondents took more than one year to take action, and one quarter of respondents waited more than five years to seek treatment, often prompted by loved ones, who believed the sufferers were in denial.
  • for more information visit hearing awareness week website.

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