Hearing Loss – featured on RTE FOUR Live

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Dr. Nina Byrnes – GP
Yvonne Kinsella – guest

Daniel O Donnell and Dr Nina Byrnes

Daniel O'Donnell and Dr.Nina Byrnes at the launch of Hearing Awareness Week





About Hearing Awareness Week

National advertising campaign encouraging people to take action about their hearing loss and encouraging family members to talk to their loved one about hearing loss. It will also feature a mobile hearing test clinic which is visiting some of Ireland’s cities and towns to provide free hearing tests and Hidden Hearing is also offering free hearing tests in its 60 clinics nationwide.

Hearing problems
. Noise
. Hearing loss with age
. Hearing and babies
. Ringing in the ears
. Build up of wax in the
. Medical causes
. Temporary Hearing Loss

How loud is Loud?

If you can’t talk to people about 2 meters away without shouting because of background noise, this is an indication that the surrounding noise levels are too loud. If you’ve been to a club or concert and found that you cannot hear properly for a few hours afterwards, or if you experience ringing in your ears, that is a sign that the sound was loud enough to damage your ears. If the level of the sound hurts your ears – take care by leaving

How does a modern hearing aid work?

The new generation of modern hearing aids use computer processing and multidirectional microphones to pick out speech from a noisy environment, so the important speech element is filtered back to the wearer. And if you are using two hearing aids, both devices communicate with each other in real time, so they adapt in sync to the noise environment. To improve people’s experience of using mobile phones, TVs, radios and other audio and entertainment devices, some new digital hearing aids can even connect wirelessly to these devices so you have a seamless hearing experience. Things have certainly moved on for the best.

How visible is a hearing aid device?

Hearing aids can differ in size and appearance. Often negative perceptions of hearing aids are fueled by memories of older, analogue hearing aids. The new digital hearing aids are so much more technologically advanced and discreet; they are often invisible to other people. ‘In The Ear’ hearing aids are the most popular style recommended by Hidden Hearing. These hearing aids are custom made for each patient. An impression of the inside of your ear is taken by the Audiologist to ensure that the shell of the hearing aid is made to exactly match the contours of your ear.

There are mobile hearing test clinics across the country this week.

It’s visiting some of Ireland’s cities and towns to provide free hearing tests and Hidden Hearing is also offering free hearing tests in its 60 clinics nationwide.

Further Information www.hearingawarenessweek.ie

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