Daniel O’Donnell talks to Ryan Tubridy about mother Julia’s hearing

Singer Daniel O’Donnell said his mother Julia’s hearing has been restored

Singer Daniel O’Donnell is music to his elderly mother’s ears again after the 91-year-old had her hearing restored following years of problems.

The Irish star said he was delighted his mother had been helped and was now able to enjoy conversations.

Julia O’Donnell was fitted with two miniature hearing aids that solved a decade of difficulties and her heart-throb son said a weight had been lifted from the family.

“She suffered from quite a severe hearing impairment, so conversation became increasingly difficult for her,” Daniel said.

“It also put quite a strain on the rest of the family. We are so thankful that we have found a solution for Mammy.”

The 48-year-old star is renowned for his approachable and affable manner. He has even invited followers to his home in Kincasslagh, Donegal, for tea. He has spoken of being very close to his mother, who also lives in the village.

Julia said: “If you are lucky enough to get to my age, you’ll realise just how important your hearing is to you,” she said.

“Enjoying conversation with your family and friends or a good sing-song is what keeps me going. For instance when Daniel is off touring, I really look forward to his telephone call every day, but with my deteriorating hearing I was finding it very difficult to hear him properly.”

Daniel said that despite her age Julia travelled to his concerts around Ireland this summer, including those in Cork, in the far south of the country, and Cavan.

She has had hearing problems for around 10 years and tried various hearing aids but none was successful. After a free check-up at a Hidden Hearing clinic, she was fitted with the digital devices.

Daniel O’Donnell Interviewed on The Tubridy Show 20.10.10

Click on the Radio to hear the interview

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