Enda makes sure he can hear the electorate!

Enda Kenny Visits Hidden Hearing Mobile Clinic

Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny campaigning in Manorhamilton.




Pictured on the campaign trail in Manorhamilton, Taoiseach in waiting Enda Kenny visits the Hidden Hearing Mobile Clinic . He assured all his supporters that he can hear the call loud and clear. Meanwhile yesterday older people were being urged to demand better healthcare from politicians knocking on their doors in the run-up to the general election.

An alliance of organisations campaigning for elderly rights has drawn up five priorities for candidates to be pressed on ahead of the polls.

Patricia Conboy, director of the Older and Bolder umbrella group, said they were also calling for secure pensions, better local transport, more involvement for older people and the implementation of the national positive ageing strategy.

“These ‘high five’ issues are not only critical for older people but also for people of all ages in Ireland,” she said.

“The policy choices we make in the next few years will help shape the kind of country we’re going to rebuild and will also define the kind of people we are in 2011 and beyond.”

Ms Conboy said they were encouraging everybody to put the key issues to candidates or canvassers from all political parties and to consider the answers carefully when going to the ballot box later this month.

Older and Bolder includes Active Retirement Ireland, Age and Opportunity, Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Carers Association, Irish Hospice Foundation, Older Women’s Network, Irish Senior Citizens Parliament and the Senior Helpline.


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