Living With Hearing Loss – Galway Independent

Living With Hearing Loss

Living With Hearing Loss: Galway Independent Wed Jan 26

People forget the impact that good hearing has on the quality of their lives and, unfortunately, they feel that hearing loss is just something they should put up with.

However Dr Nina Byrnes, Hidden Hearing’s Medical Consultant strongly disagrees. “A certain amount of hearing loss is normal with age, but you don’t have to tolerate it. If you notice that you are suddenly favoring one ear over the other or are finding that you are not hearing as well as you normally would, it is important to get it checked out,” she says.

Living with Hearing Loss

Dr Nina talks about hearing loss.

Dr Nina explains that at Hidden Hearing, the hearing test takes and hour and is completely painless. The hearing specialist takes a complete medical history, examines the ear, and goes through the various grades of hearing. Then, depending on the results, they may recommend you get a hearing aid. Hidden Hearing has a comprehensive range of aids available, and they can tailor them according to your needs. “At hidden Hearing, the hearing tests are genuinely free and you are under no pressure to buy a hearing aid,” Dr Nina reassures. “It’s a decision you make with your family.” For more information or to book a hearing test, cal  1800 882 884 or visit

This reproduction is from the publication The Galway Independent dated Jan 26 and is extracted in it’s entirety.

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