Mary Gets the gift of Hearing Back!

bRetirement rings about the inevitable fear of social isolation but that fear became almost like a nightmare for Mary Conlon a number of years back when her departure from Clark’s shoes after 38 years coincided with a rapid decline in her hearing.
As the problem grew worse and worse, Mary struggled to take part in conversations and despite becoming involved in Dundalk Active Retirement Group the Louth Village woman found it difficult to keep up to speed with what was happening at meetings.

Then she discovered Hidden Hearing and her life was transformed.

“A number of years ago, going back 10 or 15 years, I found that when I went to ICA meetings it was hard for me to hear all that was going on.
“Then when Hidden Hearing came to Dublin Street I got a pair of hearing aids which I had for five years. I was told that the problem was getting progressively worse though but thankfully modern technology has been very good to me and now I’m able to socialise freely.

“The staff at Hidden Hearing have been very good and very caring towards me and it has made a huge difference to my life.

“When I joined the active retirement group I became quite involved in it and it makes an awful difference when you can actually hear what people are saying when they are speaking from the floor.

“There’s loads of different models but the team at Hidden Hearing help you find the one that suits you best. The pair I have now drones out any heavy noise around me which was what was causing me the most problems.

“It’s a brilliant service and I’ve asked them to speak to the members of my group. All the staff are extremely nice and they give great personal attention.

“A few of my friends have gone to Hidden Hearing since I have but it’s something I’d recommend to anyone because it is an awful drawback when you can’t hear what is being said.

“People also can get agitated when you ask them to repeat something but the service Hidden Hearing provide really can change all that,” said Mary.

( Source: Dundalk Democrat )

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